The First Step

There is a famous saying that, "prevention is better than cure", and although in the current climate anti-Muslim attacks do appear 'inevitable' there are certain precautions you can take to significantly reduce...


The Second Step

It can be a very distressing moment; however, when anti-Muslim attacks do happen, a lot of the times, unfortunately, they do go unreported. This can make it very difficult for the Muslim community...


The Final Step

If after taking all necessary precautions, you find yourself facing a genuine prospect of physical violence there are certain measures you can take, from the Quran and protect yourself, and even put a stop to it...

The murder of Nahid Almanea

Press Release Dated 19th June 2014

The murder of Nahid Almanea, a Muslim student from Saudi Arabia, has alarmed many from the Muslim community in Britain. Reports state that Nahid Almanea was viciously attacked whilst walking on the Salary Brook trail on Tuesday, 17th June 2014. She was wearing the traditional Muslim garment also known as an ‘abaya’ as well as a hijab (khimaar). Her head and body injuries were so severe that paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

Unfortunately, Nahid Almanea is not the first Muslim to be fatally attacked in Britain. Only last year, 89 year old Mohammed Saleem, and a father of seven, was stabbed three times in a deliberate anti-Muslim attack that led to him losing his life.

The frequency of anti-Muslim abuse is, unequivocally, on the increase, and although some perpetrators do get caught it has become evident that the Muslim community must start taking proactive measures to prevent such occurrences from taking place.

The Islamic Emergency Defence was created specifically for this reason. Our goal is to create an independent and national network of Muslim volunteers who are ready and able to defend the Muslim community from anti-Muslim hooliganism. We also offer support and valuable advice on how best to protect you and your family from potential abuse.

Our dear brothers and sisters, it is clear that the government and media will not stop in their deliberate and hateful campaign against the Muslim community in Britain. Allah (God) has shown us what they are capable of, in terms of brutality, in their horrific campaigns in Muslim countries and also warned us in the Quran of the hatred settled in their hearts towards Islam.

Creating Muslim cells across the country may seem like a difficult goal, but it is not unattainable. The Muslim community are in dire need of a practical method to repel anti-Muslim aggression that is in line with the Quran and Sunnah. If we do not act now things will only escalate.

Racist Attack Against Anjem Choudary and his Family Thwarted

Press Release Dated 21st January 2014

It has recently come to the attention of the Muslim community in the UK, as well as the Islamic Emergency Defence, that far right groups, namely Britain First, have launched a cowardly campaign against sincere Muslim activists dubbed: 'Operation Fightback'.

As opposed to engaging in an intellectual debate regarding the oppression of democracy and man-made law versus the superiority of Islam and the Shariah reports have now been confirmed that the individuals concerned have resorted to acts of physical intimidation, which have also been directed to women and children.

In the most recent episode a pitiful and unsuccessful attempt was made to ambush prominent Islamic activist, Mr Anjem Choudary. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah) the Muslim community, including members of the Islamic Emergency Defence, responded swiftly to the incident and were able to mobilise at the location within 15 minutes (20 minutes prior to the arrival of the Metropolitan Police).

However, despite Muslim men being ready to aid and defend members of their community, the chicken-hearted racist hooligans of Britain First renowned for 'courageously' confronting lone Muslims and their families were, unsurprisingly, nowhere to be seen.

Despite many Muslims acknowledging the fact that there will be disagreements regarding the Shariah from the non-Muslim camp, it is wholly unacceptable to vent these frustrations through acts of physical aggression. Furthermore, we find it highly contradictory that those who claim to 'fight for Britain' target so-called radical preachers who, ultimately, have not broken any law.

We strongly advise such anti-Muslim activists to review their policies before it is too late. It is not in the interests of Muslims, or non-Muslims for that matter, to create anarchy and conflict on the streets of Britain, and it is clear that such mindless antics can inevitably only lead to an unnecessary confrontation.

We would, however, also like to urge the Muslim community to continue struggling for Islam and the Shariah, and to not be intimidated by the actions of an outcast minority. Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), Islam is on the surge in Britain and it is only a matter of time before the Muslims are victorious. Keep striving, keep struggling to make Allah's word the Highest, and remember that the defeat of democracy, freedom and liberalism has been sealed and guaranteed.

Rise to Defend the Muslim Community!

On 21st October 2013 reports came in that Pavlo Lapshyn, a 25 year old student, admitted responsibility for the callous murder of Mohammed Saleem, an 82 year old grandfather and devout Muslim. He also pleaded guilty to running a campaign of bomb attacks on mosques with the intention of maiming innocent Muslim worshippers. We are outraged at this admission, and see it as an open act of aggression on the Muslim community.

It is evident that acts of anti-Muslim violence are on the rise in Europe, and further inflamed by the ruling parties in charge. Muslims have become one of the most targeted communities in the West and the most vilified in the media. In such a hostile climate it becomes essential for Muslims to prepare their own lines of defence in the event of further atrocities.

It is with this narrative that we encourage the creation of Muslim cells in Europe, which are operated with the sole aim of protecting the Muslim community from anti-Muslim hooliganism. These cells should be overseen by a primary Ameer (leader) and its ethos must be completely Islamic i.e. free from nationalism, patriotism, racism etc.

It is a sad fact that if Muslims do not prepare a credible resistance before it is too late and fail to take pro-active measures in response to the warning signs we are receiving from the likes of Pavlo Lapshyn or Anders Breivik that we will, ultimately, leave ourselves wholly vulnerable to further atrocities which will inevitably be more frequent and deadly.

Create your own Muslim Cells

Press Release

With the rise of anti-Muslim hooliganism spreading across the UK, Islamic Emergency Defence, have launched a national campaign to encourage Muslims to protect each other from anti-Muslim violence and intimidation, particularly in the wake of the murder of 75 year old Muhammad Saleem.

'Create your own Muslim cells' is a project designed to develop Muslim communities with a vigilant and alert mindset who are ready to protect each other from anti-Muslim hooliganism.

It is not aimed to encourage violence or intimidation of non-Muslims, or any section of the British community, but rather serve only as a deterrent to thugs and anti-Muslim hooligans.

We hope the Muslim community benefits from the ideas projected in this presentation, and we would like to remind them to always refer to the Quran and Sunnah in times of crisis and seek help from Allah in every situation.

May Allah protect Muslims everywhere.


Press Release

Muslims in the UK have witnessed a spike in anti-Muslim hatred, in recent weeks, with the Walsall terror bomb plot serving as a poignant reminder of the presence of violent hooligans willing to inflict large scale carnage on innocent Muslims.

It is a sad fact that there does exist an extremist section of the British community who seem determined to harm Muslims, and will not be deterred from using mindless violence, as opposed to dialogue and peaceful protest, to get their message across.

Having said this, this should not dissuade the fact that the British government have, by and large, played a pivotal role in radicalising such an anti-Muslim voice by misrepresenting Muslims in the media, particularly the tabloid press, and refusing to acknowledge or address legitimate Muslim grievances.

It is precisely this approach which has led to the sorry state of affairs we are in today, and unfortunately, it looks set to get far worse.

As for our dear Muslim brothers and sisters in Walsall, we must remember that our strength is in our religion (Islam), and despite this bomb plot being highly provocative it should not cause us to respond in an unislamic manner e.g. harming non-Muslim neighbours, abusing them etc.

However, on the other hand, this does not mean that we should also be bullied into hiding our faith, or not confront anti-Muslim thugs in the hope that the problem will just ‘go away’. The undercurrent of anti-Muslim anger, however misinformed, cannot be left alone if it begins to foment into violence on our streets. Muslims must respond and do whatever they can, within the boundaries of Islam, to defend and protect each other from harm.

We ask Allah to protect the Muslims in Walsall and for this incident to strengthen their Eemaan and be a cause for them to increase in their good deeds. Ameen.

If anyone has witnessed or would like to report anti-Muslim attacks please remember to call us on 07597 883 273 or visit to file an incident report so we can resolve the situation in a swift and Islamic manner.

Launch of Service

Press Release

Muslims at present are one of the most oppressed communities in Britain. Despite having lived peacefully amongst non-Muslims for decades the British public has been whipped up into a frenzy by the ruling elite, and some, such as the far-right, have taken extreme measures to intimidate Muslims across the country; this intimidation has included, but is not restricted to, verbal threats, damage to property, assaults and even extreme violence.

With many Muslims now feeling worried and concerned for their safety a unique platform has been launched by Muslims and for Muslims to provide immediate support and assistance to those targeted for anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Islamic Emergency Defence is much more than just a think-tank. Our aim is to build a national network of Muslim volunteers who are ready and able to protect and defend any Muslim from verbal and physical abuse.

We have already launched an emergency hotline that provides instant access for any Muslim to report an incident, which inshaa’allah will be resolved in a swift and Islamic manner; however, we cannot emphasise enough how much we need your support, particularly from the Muslim youth.

As for those who are planning or who have committed anti-Muslim hate crimes they must know that their hooliganism will not be tolerated by the Muslim community anymore, and if the police and national government continue to stand by and do nothing, then Muslims must stand side by side to support each other.

We would like to remind all Muslims that to aid another Muslim facing aggression is an Islamic obligation, and that we will all be held accountable before Allah on the Day of Judgement if we sit by and do nothing:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever sees a believer humiliated in front of him and does not support him, and was able to, Allah will humiliate him on the day of Judgement.” [Musnad Imam Ahmed, v3, pg 487]

To conclude, we would also like to mention that our ethos is totally Islamic; our central body functions purely upon the guidance of the Quran, the teachings of the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the understanding of his noble companions (may Allah be please with them all).

We do not approve of any unIslamic behaviour. We receive no government funding or police support and rely solely on the Help of Allah (SWT). Please do not forget to make dua (supplication) for this noble project and may Allah (SWT) protect all Muslims from harm and difficulties. Ameen.

Dont Turn the Other Cheek


Defending the sanctity of Muslims is a noble act, and there can be no question about this. In the current climate of fear and hostility towards Muslims it becomes crucial for us to refer to the Quran and Sunnah to provide us with prophetic guidelines on how to protect ourselves from harm.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said Muslims have sanctity that cannot be violated, and even specified what this sanctity is: he (peace be upon him) said in his famous last speech, "Your wealth, life and honour have sanctity like the sanctity of this day and this month and city..." [Bukhari, Muslim]. So it is not allowed for anyone (without a divine permit) to violate the life, honour or wealth of a Muslim.

It should not be the case that Muslims are intimidated into pacifism, or adopt a silent approach in the hope that the problem will just ‘disappear’. Hooliganism, for want of a better word, is unfortunately, on our streets and Muslims are being systematically targeted with physical and verbal abuse.

This does not mean that Muslims should become hooligans themselves or resort to mindless violence like the perpetrators; however, he should neither remain passive. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever dies defending his life dies a martyr, whoever dies defending his wealth dies a martyr, whoever dies defending his honour dies a martyr." [Bukhari, Abu Dawood].

The above narration praises the Muslim that attempts to protect his life, honour or property, and dies in the process. It does not dispraise him in any way. Muslims should therefore not be afraid to protect themselves or their brothers and sisters from acts of violence or hooliganism, because it is totally rational, sensible and above all: Islamic.

Do you know your rights

Although our Islamic duty to defend ourselves, our families, children, masaajid and community is clear in the Qur'an and Sunnah and there can be no doubt that this is the most important and only source of legislation. It may occur to some people that coming out and rising to defend...

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